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Things are changing

March 29, 2013




Right thats it, if I’m going to do this, it’s better done sooner rather than later.

I’m moving my blog to Tumblr. We all have our reasons – although I think the change will help me experiment more.  So from now on, I will be posting updates and little doodles HERE. Thanks.


The image above was used in an exciting new illustration yet to be published. More to follow soon…


Shaping Up Nicely

March 21, 2013


Shaping Up Nicely_by Natasha Durley

Cacti Cup

March 21, 2013


cacti cup by Natasha Durley

Continuing with the pot plant theme, here’s a little cacti I made a while ago.


March 21, 2013


Control by Natasha Durley

Experimenting with negative space lettering.


March 18, 2013





Shifty Pot Plant

March 18, 2013



With no mouth to express his views, no wonder he’s a bit suspicious

Leopard Header

March 12, 2013


cat-header_Natasha Durley


Because everyone enjoys personal touches & hand drawn leopards. This whiskered chap will be accompanying some of my prints to their wonderful new home – more exciting details to follow.

Sorry for my recent online silence by the way. I’ve returned from a little stint in London with a mountain of fun things to plan, draw, organise and keep me nice and busy.  I was kindly asked to exhibit some of my prints at YCN’s first ever ‘Say Hello’ event which was held at the very cool Biscuit Tin space in Shoreditch. Lets hope my illustrations worked their little socks off and directed some friendly faces my way.

City Life

February 11, 2013




I made this a few months back whilst experimenting with repeat patterns. In the end I went in another direction and didn’t get the chance to develop this any further. Thought I may as well give it a bit of life and post it here.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

February 5, 2013


natasha durley - rocks1 experimentsnatasha durley - rocks3 experiments natasha durley - rocks2 experimentsCutting out some rocks for an exciting little brief I’m currently working on. Quite like how the scans have come out so thought I would post them here.


Shop Update

January 28, 2013








Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 14.20.47

Yet another thank you to Hikaru Funnell for taking some beautiful photographs of my products. Updated shots of my winter wrapping paper and limited edition Curio book. Click here if you fancy a closer look. I have even more images ready to upload, so will add them to my main site later on in the week.




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