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business cards

July 15, 2012


Yay, I’ve graduated! But I can no longer call myself a student and to make things official, I had the lovely guys at moo print me some smart looking business cards.  Is it a little sad that I’m super impressed by the texture of the card stock? Don’t answer that.

I’ve been having loads of fun swapping cards with people at New Blood and Free Range. Actually quite enjoy sitting in front of the computer with a pile of business cards. Cup of hot chocolate in one hand, whilst scanning the web for the people that match each imaginative card.  I fear this isn’t making me look at all cool but I must confess to my new found fondness of business cards… well creative ones at least.



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  1. July 16, 2012

    Hallo!these business cards are really wonderful!I love realize business cards and collect them too!!

    • July 17, 2012

      Hello and thanks. I predict this business card collecting could easily get out of hand but for now I love my little stack. Whats not to love about having a miniature piece of artwork from all the amazing artists we come across?

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